North Point Brands

North Point Brands is the parent entity to outdoor brands Cheeky Fishing and Wingo Outdoors.  Both brands are co-located and run side-by-side at NPB headquarters in North Adams, Massachusetts.  NPB seeks to expand its platform of fishing and outdoor products while emphasizing product innovation, customer service, and sustainability.  NPB calls the Berkshires its home, an outdoor playground where unlimited adventure awaits.

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Wingo Outdoors

New Initiative: 1% For the Planet Members

3% Tip the Waters

We love the watery world and the creatures that live there, but we know that many places are in peril.   We recently joined 1% For the Planet, and we’re applying the same certified framework for all 3% of our giving commitment. So go ahead big tippers, when you choose Cheeky, we will leave the tip for the waters.

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3% For the Wild

Wingo believes in wild places and is dedicating 3% of every sale to conservation causes that protect the earth, wild animals and everyone’s ability to access the outdoors. Being a member of 1% for the Planet gives us a certified framework for all 3% of our giving commitment.  When you choose Wingo Outdoors, you’re choosing to protect the wild.

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