Why Cheeky?

More than 10 years ago, Cheeky decided on another way to make fly fishing equipment. We were sick of seeing
overpriced and uninspired gear. From the beginning, we have focused on lowering the barriers for all people to
fall in love with fly fishing.

Cheeky Fishing is a leader in high performance and durable products providing wallet-friendly, smart solutions for fly anglers. We brought
vibrant color, sleek design, and the smoothest drag on the planet to the sport, and didn’t stop there… we make products for everyone, no
matter who you are or the size of your wallet. We champion the DIY angler and the waters they fish.

We live by the principles of education, inclusion, and problem-solving. These pillars encompass every aspect of Cheeky, from our product
development and social media presence to our top-tier customer service and office culture.

We also started the Cheeky Schoolie Tournament — a conservation-based tournament held annually on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Now
more than a decade old, it is the largest fly fishing tournament on the planet. This catch-photo-and-release tournament has become a force
in striped bass conservation with all the proceeds going to our conservation partners.

We fish with a purpose, we have loads of fun, and we are, well... undeniably Cheeky.


 Cheeky's assortment of reels for any budget and weight,
accessories and gear facilitate
plus-sales for your business,
and we're constantly innovating. View full Cheeky Catalog Here

We work hard to help our Cheeky dealers succeed. After all, we’re in this together – your success is our success. In addition to our top-notch dealer service, check out
our wholesale dealer program